Israel lobby essay

The bottom line is that AIPAC, a de facto agent for a foreign government, has a stranglehold on Congress, with the result that US policy towards Israel is not debated there, even though that policy has important consequences for the entire world.

Israel lobby essay

On 16 November, 89 senators sent Bush a letter praising him for refusing to meet with Arafat, but also demanding that the US not restrain Israel from retaliating against the Palestinians; the administration, they wrote, must state publicly that it stood behind Israel.

It is that they have mastered the techniques of political intimidation. One of the pair, Stephen Walt, has publicly admitted that his career suffered as a result. This extraordinary generosity might be understandable if Israel were a vital strategic asset or if there were a compelling moral case for US backing.

What Is the Israel Lobby - Essay Example

Some Americans believe that this was a war for oil, but there is hardly any direct evidence to support this claim. This was interpreted in Washington as a call to vote for Romney.

He wrote articles in the s supporting the settlements and arguing that Israel should retain the Occupied Territories. Where the Lobby has had the most difficulty is in stifling debate on university campuses.

Sincethe US has vetoed 32 Security Council resolutions critical of Israel, more than the total number of vetoes cast by all the other Security Council members.

By early Cheney had persuaded Bush; and with Bush and Cheney on board, war was inevitable.

The Israel Lobby - John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

The American delegation took its cues from Ehud Barak, co-ordinated its negotiating positions with Israel in advance, and did not offer independent proposals.

But in a sign of the immense weight of the lobby even as it was being dragged into the light, the pair were unable to find a publisher in the US. He said that Stephen Zunes has rightly pointed out that "there are far more powerful interests that have a stake in what happens in the Persian Gulf region than does AIPAC [or the Lobby generally], such as the oil companies, the arms industry and other special interests whose lobbying influence and campaign contributions far surpass that of the much-vaunted Zionist lobby and its allied donors to congressional races.

The benefits to the military industries can be gauged by examining the ever-surging profits of large US arms manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin and Raytheon over the past decade.

The Israel Lobby - John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

The first Gulf War revealed the extent to which Israel was becoming a strategic burden. But neither explanation is convincing. The US could not, for example, rely on Israel when the Iranian Revolution in raised concerns about the security of oil supplies, and had to create its own Rapid Deployment Force instead.

The two have found common cause in their feverish opposition to Iran, and its Shia allies in Syria and Lebanon, and their determination to prevent them from gaining more power in the region.

This has the effect of making the Jews who read the paper feel unfairly singled out, and inspires much emotionally driven mishigas craziness in reaction.

The Israel Lobby

The IDF murdered hundreds of Egyptian prisoners of war in both the and wars, while init expelled betweenandPalestinians from the newly conquered West Bank, and drove 80, Syrians from the Golan Heights.

Policymakers will tend to accommodate those who care about the issue, even if their numbers are small, confident that the rest of the population will not penalise them for doing so. Under Trump, their agendas have aligned so completely that this multi-headed lobby has as good as collectively captured the presidency on matters that concern it most.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt For the past several decades, and especially since the Six-Day War inthe centrepiece of US Middle Eastern policy has been its relationship with Israel/5(1).

Smith categorized Israel Lobby to power formulation, media pressure, leadership development, education foundation, and transfer of capital to Israel (Smith, ). Just like Grant Smith, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt claims that Israel Lobby is the support provided to Israel by the U.S. Aug 29,  · “The Israel Lobby and U.S.

Foreign PolConsider the Mearsheimer and Walt article, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” in the readings for Module/Week 5. It has become a controversial article in academic and policy circles with its claim that the lobby influences US foreign policy in detrimental ways.

Each essay must. View Essay - Essay 2 - The Israel Lobby from GOVT at Liberty University. The Jewish Lobby April Banks L Government 20 October 1 In. The ‘Israel Lobby’, spearheaded by AIPAC, is a coterie of Jews, neo-conservatives and Christian Zionists that dominates US foreign policy.

It achieves this through the strategic activity of its leaders and its ability to deflect criticism with accusations of anti-semitism. Apr 19,  · IN its March 23rd issue the London Review of Books, a respected British journal, published an essay titled "The Israel Lobby." The authors are two distinguished American academics (Stephen Walt of Harvard and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago) who posted a longer (page) version of their text on the Web site of Harvard's Kennedy School.

Israel lobby essay
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The Israel Lobby - John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt - Research Paper